A custom shelf that does more, or: I'm obsessed with magnets and leather!

I recently made a custom shelving unit for a friend who simply needed her microwave above her stove and not on her counter.  Originally it was just going to have one board going across the bottom, but then I thought "Well that's boring."  I want it to DO MORE.  There would have been so much space above the microwave, so I thought "What a great place for a butcher's block!"  So I made an end-grain butcher's block out of all the scraps I had sitting around my shop.  But how to easily slide such a monster in and out of the shelf?  Why not a leather strap?  Great idea!  I love incorporating wood and leather... so I did.  Now it looks like a butcher's block suitcase.  I'm okay with that.  But now there's all this boring un-utilized space below the shelf.  How about a handy little spice rack made of tiny jars?  Great idea!  Should I sink the top into the shelf and secure it with epoxy?  But won't it be a hassle to have to unscrew the jar every time you want to remove it?  Good point.  Magnets...?  I do love magnets...  I'm somewhat obsessed with magnets... Magnets it is!  I sunk seven rare earth magnets into the shelf so the jars attached securely and easily from below.  Let's stop there.  I don't want to overdo it.