Spalted Maple Coasters!

I've made a limited run of Spalted Maple Coasters which can be purchased here.

The spalting process happens in nature only under very specific circumstances and even when it does occur, it can take months or years to finish. The result of spalting is incredibly beautiful pigmentation and delineation throughout the wood. For all these reasons, it's highly coveted and sought after. All this being said, it's an incredibly fine piece of wood and this is the ONLY time you'll ever want to set your drink down on a piece of spalted maple.

These coasters were all cut from the same limb, and sanded smooth by hand, then finished with multiple light coats of high quality wood finish, making them very water resistant but without that plastic-y look you see on some wood. 
Because the purpose of the coaster is to protect whatever is under it, I've lined each one with a thin layer of cork, as wood has the potential to scratch other wood and wood finishes.

Each set comes with 4 coasters.