New Bows -- American Materials

I have three new bows up for sale, Bill, Thwap! (because that’s the sound it makes), and Georgie. This latest run of work still maintains a focus on the natural beauty of the wood, however, instead of using exotic woods like bacote, bubinga, cocobolo, or rosewood, all of which come from tropical environments and are becoming somewhat scarce, I decided to focus on domestic woods which are in great abundance here in The United States. I have nothing against using exotic woods, but I wanted to prove that the wood I so often admire in furniture, can be just as beautiful in a bow as anything flashy and exotic.

Bill, which has a buffalo horn riser (see what I did there?), is made of American Curly Maple with Cherry limbs Georgie is a Cherry riser with Maple Parquetry and Walnut limbs, while Thwap! is made from a beautiful piece of Cherry, with Maple limbs. All have fiberglass backing and buffalo horn nocks for strength.

Expect more of these domesticated bows in the future!